History of Campbell-DeWitt Funeral Home

On November 5, 1949 the funeral home today known as Campbell-DeWitt Funeral Home was originally opened as George Pruitt and John Hickey Sr. Funeral Home. Both Mr. Pruitt and Mr. Hickey were former employees of the Drye Funeral Home in Lebanon, Kentucky. The funeral home was operated at this location and by this name until it was sold and later operated under the name of Manakee-Myers and Hickey Funeral Home. The funeral home was operated in this manner until it was sold in 1969 to Mr. Bob Massey and operated as such until it was destroyed by fire in 1974.

The funeral home was rebuilt on the same site and operated until it was sold to Mr. Eli J. George. The funeral home was operated as the Eli J. George Funeral Home until he took on a partner, Chesley Campbell, and it was then operated as George and Campbell Funeral Home. At Mr. George's death the funeral home was purchased by Mr. Campbell and was then known as Campbell Funeral Home until January 1, 1992, when it was purchased by Mr. Larry DeWitt. The funeral home today is known as Campbell-DeWitt Funeral Home and is still under the ownership of Mr. Larry DeWitt.


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