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Visitor Book for Brent Clifton McAnally
Tammy Carr-Taylor4
Anthony and Gina Jones4
Leon Reeves1
Becky Canada4
Gerald and Faye Canada4
Paul & Mayme Wilburn1
Jimmy & Donna Todd4
John Paul Wilburn2
Kim Byrd Mont and Faye there are no words to express my sorrow for you both. I know your hearts are broken. Just try to find comfort in knowing that he is at peace and rest. Dad, mom and I are trying to rearrange schedules to be there. Love and prayers to all of you. Wayne, Inez, Kim & Brad Dalton
Kim Dalton Byrd4
Gary Wayne Dalton2
Inez Dalton4
Brad & Angi Dalton2
Mayme Wilburn I will always remember Brent riding 4 wheelers with John Paul coming in so muddy, the only thing white on them was the white in their eyes. Even at a young age he was always a gentleman, never came into my house with muddy shoes on. Always polite and well mannered. I loved him just like he was my own son. John Paul could not have had a better friend and I could not have had a better second son. We will always remember him and cherish the memories we have.
Brian Reeves1
April Wilburn I have several Great memories with Brent; he was like my other brother growing up. I remember going on vacation together, camping at the lake and always being the tag along with him and John Paul. He was always so kind, good hearted and brought life to everyone around. He will be missed greatly I am just glad that I got to share his life and several memories with him. He is in a much better place and I look forward to meeting him again. Miss you more than words can ever describe!
April Rose Wilburn5
Chad and Elissa Price2
Amy Brown Meadors4
lester & rita Canada1
Vivian Woods4
Jessica Roark5
Jason and Adrienne Taylor5
Luke and Hayley Edwards4
Jennifer Hoover4
Jennifer Hoover So sorry for your loss and may your memories bring you comfort.
Katy West4
Josh & Becca Meadors2
Chris and Stacy Mahan2
Melissa Jones5
Brandon Woods2
Tina Saylor4
Amy Bronski Monty, Faye, and Whitney, We are deeply sadden by the loss of Brent. Our hearts shattered the morning we heard of his passing. He was a gentle and loving soul who made many people smile. We cherish every moment we were able to share with him in our family. Our mother(Barbara) loved Brent like a son and our grandmother(Jackie)felt for him as if he was her grandson. He was also brother to Kyra and I. Although time and circumstances have lead us all in different directions, we still love Brent as if he were just down the road. There were many milestones in our family that included Brent, like the day I was married and he was in the wedding. He looked so handsome and he had a smile that was contagious. I'll always remember the times we shared with Brent like when he got his braces, his driver's license, his first car, cruisin' around town, listening to Roy D. Mercer, He and Jamie going to prom, and hanging out at the Hair Village. He was a true gentlemen in every sense of the word and he will always live in our hearts forever. I hope in his Heavenly journery has already been united with my mom, he held a special place in her heart. As we try to wrap our minds around what seems like such a senseless tragedy, the one one thing I continue to come back to is that "time" is the ONLY thing that seprates you from your son/brother. God has promised us a life after death and Brent will flourish in his eternal life until you are reunited with him. I will continue to pray for your Peace to come and for GODS right hand to keep you and your family lifted up in strength and love. Thank you for allowing Brent to be a part of our lives. God Speed. Amy Walker Bronski
Mr and Mrs.Beth and Shane Adkins2
Whitney Ball 5
Darren and Amy Walker Bronski1
Ashley Parker I'm so sorry to hear about Brent. I knew Brent when he was married to my best friend. He was a genuine sweet man with a caring soul. My prayers are with the family.
Harold and Debbie Douglas and Josh4
The Apple Family4
Jessica Gibson5
Crystal Barton and family4
Danny and Priscilla Moses2
Jamie Cordell Caldwell2
Jamie Cordell Caldwell I am so truly sorry for your loss. Brent was a high school and college classmate of mine (I was a year behind him) and I remember him being soft spoken, kind, considerate, and a gentleman. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.
ella &wayne bryant alex2
sylvia cox & famuily4
ella reed & family1
charolette &donny beams&family1
Harold & Amy Hicks & Caden5
Tim and Angela cedillo3
Tim and Lanta Hill5
Danny and Kim Hardin4
Victor Freeman3
Mitchell & Stephanie Shelton1
Daren & Sandy Canada4
The Rowland Family1
Angel Rowland If you need anything Just call. I am always here. Love you guys and really sorry for your loss.
Lonnie, Karen, & Cody Privett2
freda faulkner and family4
Pamela Teague4
Trevor Teague1
Sharon Stanek4
Randy, Carol, Justin, and Jessica Ball5
Dawn Smith and family1
Jerry & Polly Wilson2
Wayne & Brenda Veach4
phyllis tucker I'm so sad to say I know how you feel ,but I do .I lost my Son Brandon I have prayed that no other parent would have to feel what my heart feels but sadly some do..
Phyllis Tucker4
Kenny Nighbert
Sherry Richardson Reynolds 2
effie hollins5
effie hollins monty and faye sorry about your lost i will keep your family in pray i am angel mom
Greg, Rhonda, Tristan, & Ethan McAnally6
Lorene Bowling1
Bryan & Heather Hopkins4
Matt & Kristina Petrey4
Eddie and Kathy Byrd1
Stephanie Jordan Bolton2
James Patsy White and family3
Donald Smith 4
Ronnie and Teresa petrey1
Chessa Perry1
Kevin Bennett4
Wes Andrews2
Todd and Kim Jackson4
Amy Hess Alder4
Rachel Cox Truett2
Crystal Lawson and family5
Crystal Lawson and family5
Crystal Lawson and family5
Crystal Lawson and family5
Crystal Lawson and family5
Chelsea Senters1
Crystal Lawson I am very sorry for your families loss, Brent was an upstanding guy and a great friend,, he will be greatly missed. You will be in our prayers. We used to ride dirt bikes and go riding all the time, he loved outdoors and mostly his family. I'm sorry for anyone who had a chance to know him it is a loss for everyone in the community. Sincerely, Crystal Lawson
Crystal Lawson If you will look under James Faulkner in Croleys obituaries for August 28th you will see that Brent lite a candle for my uncle, but now I'm lighting one for him. I just want you to know that my family is praying for you just as Brent did for us. Sincerely, Crystal Lawson
Crystal Lawson If you will look under James Faulkner in Croleys obituaries for August 28th you will see that Brent lite a candle for my uncle, but now I'm lighting one for him. I just want you to know that my family is praying for you just as Brent did for us. Sincerely, Crystal Lawson
Jacob, Ivy, and Mark Carrier5
The Pettits4
Nikki Wise4
Susan Smith Rose2
carolyn partin Brent was a wonderful young man.i remember back when he and chris had their 4 wheelers. chris just thought brent was just it.mr and mrs mcanally,im so so sorry, chris told me he was sick and had head aches all the time. he will be sadly missed by all his friends. he was just a wonderful young man.carolyn partin, chris mom
Fannie Byrd So sorry, Brent was such a fine boy.
Jason, Michelle, and Morgan Huddleston1
Beth Adkins I just want to start by saying how sorry i am for the loss of your son and friend,, Monty your family has been a great blessing to me ,, and Brent has always been polite every time ive ever spoke to him ,, he surly will be missed ,,i will keep you and your family in my prayers ,, if there is any thing that Shane and i can do just let us know ,, you have been there in time of need and you have been my landlord and a friend ,,GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ,,,, Shane and Beth Adkins
Taylor Family We only knew Brent for a short while, but in that time, he touched our lives. He taught our youngest son had to catch and throw baseball. He would give him pointers on catching and throwing that he looked forward to Brent coming over to teach him more. Brent was very good friend to our oldest son. He knew what to say to make everyone smile.
Larry & Barb Cox1
Bev Hart Abney1
Deanna Fuson My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I haven't seen Brent in years, but I have met very few people with a sweet heart and personality as Brent. He memory will always live on as that special person.
Deanna Fuson4
Larry Cox Monty & Faye, Words cannot express our feelings for you. I am so so sorry. I really liked Brent, He was such a nice guy.I wish there was something we can do for u all, remember Barb and I have been praying for all of your family each day.You do have our deepest Sympathy. Larry & Barb Cox
Maudella Merritt and Sabina Elizandro4
Michael&Linda Steely1
Chet & Linda Maggard Monty & Faye, I am very saddened about your loss. I am out of town so I am unable to pay my respects in person. I will keep you in my thought and prayers
Adam and Melissa Jones1
Brenda Wyatt Meadors4
Brenda Meadors-WCHGS I'm so very sorry. Brent was so nice.
Marvin and Suzanne Baker1
Randy Combs and Family4
Rob Powers and Family1
Meadors' Family 5
Glenna Cordell4
Bill & Tanya Hall5
Don&Carroll Lunce4
Melissa, Tyler, and Zachary Gibbins2
Anthony Akers1
Akers Family1
Christy Hale2
Jamie, Jeff and Maggie Grace Powers6
Rodney Hale2
Sharon Hubbard/Wendy's of Williamsburg1
Barbara Hayre and Mae Thomas4
Jennifer Hayre Patterson4
Pat Prewitt & Family1
Carla Swain1
Burkhart Family4
stacy douglas2
Patty and Jim Summersgill4
MR. B4
Sandy Perkins4
Juanita Bargo5
Merry's Flower Shop5
Dianne McGaha4
james everage2
james everage brent was a good person and a good freind my thoughts and prays are with you guys brent will never be forgotten
Scott Cooper1
KR Hayes Brent was a good guy and he will be truly missed and from everybody in my family we all are so sorry for your lost if you need anything just give us a call
Amanda Radford Went to school with Brent, he was a great guy. So sorry for your alls loss as well as all of his friends.
amanda Martin Radford1
Ashley Miller Brittian1
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