This section is designed to provide files and tips for making your LZ Russell Web Site adventures smooth and enjoyable.

The "LZ Essentials" page will provide links to downloading the browser and media players necessary to viewing LZ Russell files.

The "Extras" page provides links to software (both free and paid) that can make your computer experience a lot more interesting.

The "Security" page provides links and articles that relate to safe and enjoyable computing.

More files will be added as we go along.  Please feel free to contact the Technical Tips Director, if you have questions or anything to add to this section.

Help Wanted: Technical Tips Director

Job requirement includes a fair understanding of computer operations; the ability to interact with users of this section and compile email text and graphics for posting by the webmaster.  We could install a discussion forum where people could ask questions and you could post the answers there.  That would be up to you.

LZ Russell's pay schedule is very fair.   Everyone, be it the President, Webmaster, Section Directors, gets paid exactly the same...Nothing!  Such a deal!