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LZ Russell creates a personal web site for each of its Combat Members.  This is the most important part of what we do.  The information you send us for your personal web site is where we get our history. 



When your completed Membership Forms come in, we will add a basic biography to your web page taken from the information on your forms. 

Our history is what this web site is all about, so please send us everything you can remember about being in Vietnam.  Even the little details are you cooked food, how you dealt with rats, what it was like to take your first helicopter ride out to a combat zone, your first night in the jungle, the battle that you remember most, what it was like on Christmas, or your birthday, how the folks back home felt, how you felt when you got home...all of it is important.

Your web page becomes part of the history of our Vietnam experience.  Besides adding to our history, your web page will also serve as a repository for your family and friends...a repository we are hoping to be able to keep on the Internet long after all of us have moved on from this world.  We hope you enjoy this feature and take the time to look at everyone’s page.  That is where the LZ Russell story lives.

Don't worry about writing a masterpiece.  We have helped many of our members get their story posted on their web page.  If you have trouble typing up a story and can't find a friend to help you with that, let us know and we will help you.  What you have in your memories is very important to the history we are creating on our web site.

Just write up whatever you have in an email, or attach a Word document and send it in.  We'll take care of the rest. 


We encourage each of you to send in at least one current picture of yourself, to post on your web page.  If you have a picture of yourself in Vietnam, that would be great too.  If not, a boot camp picture would be fine.  The combination of both pictures is a graphic example of the theme of LZ Russell, so please help us out here.  If you have additional pictures taken while you were in Vietnam, they will be placed in our "Pictures" section and credited to you.  Please contact us for help sending in your pictures.

I hope you enjoy this feature and make good use of it.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions and suggestions.


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Roster Home Honorary LZRA Officers Your Page


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